Expats in Ukraine show their support


Expats in Ukraine show their support

The extremely volatile situation in the Ukraine has been causing increasing levels of concern over the last few weeks.

Despite the threat of Russian intervention, Ukraine nationals have repeatedly shown their determination to stand up for the sovereign rights of their country and to instate a political structure which supports, rather than undermines, their personal freedoms.

While the tug of nationalistic duty might not be as strong among expats living in the Ukraine, many have joined in with protests and demonstrations in order to signal their support for the stance adopted by locals.

The situation is certainly tense, but at the present time few expats have chosen to leave the nation.

The Telegraph recently quoted this British expat as saying; ‘The mood in Kiev among the expats is that it’s outrageous what the Russians have done [but] People are jittery. If the Russians did push they could be in Kiev in 12 hours and we could wake up and it could all be over’.

However, the expat went on to stress that the majority if foreigners living in Ukraine’s capital are endorsing the new government, and that as all expats seem to know someone who has been called up to be a reservist for the Ukrainian army it’s ‘really building up a sense of unity’.

Similarly, Ukrainian expat communities living across the world have been calling for peace.

The President of the Ukrainian Community of Queensland recently asserted that a sense of helplessness has fallen over all Ukrainian expats having to watch circumstances unfold from afar. When asked about the ousting of President Viktor Yanukovych he commented; ‘We figured that last week things had come to an end and that all those people who had stood in Independence Square for all that time was worth it. They want freedom, and they want what every other person in the world wants – to be treated like a human being.’

At the moment Russia continues to occupy the Crimean Peninsula under claims its actions were a legitimate response to a request delivered by the Ukraine’s deposed leader Yanukovych.

Although Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has intimated that there is no need to deploy Russian troops into the Ukraine, he also commented that Russia reserves the right to use ‘all means’ necessary to defend Russian citizens living in the east of the nation.

Pro-Russia demonstrators have been joining forces in Donetsk to protest against the newly instated pro-Western leadership.

Moscow has agreed to attend an emergency gathering of Nato members tomorrow and both expats and Ukrainian nationals the world over will be paying extremely close attention to any developments.

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