Expatriation to Surge as Exchange Rate Hits High

Brits will look to French property market as Euro plummets, say currency exchange experts. Rising sovereign bond yields, political strikes, harsh austerity and the threat of a Greek default; growing concerns from the Eurozone debt crisis have caused the Euro to lose significant value against the Pound.

The UK has benefitted from its position outside of the Eurozone and many investors have chosen to place their funds into Sterling, viewing it as a safe haven from the fragile 17-nation bloc. Subsequently, the Pound to Euro Exchange Rate is currently at a 16-month high, with gentle daily fluctuations around the 1.2 mark.

Currency exchange specialists TorFX report that the Pound’s present strength could lead to a surge in French property purchases. The French property market is growing at a stable rate. Mortgages are widely available and strict property laws give buyers extensive legal protection.

Expats moving to France benefit from a more relaxed way of life, a traditional sense of community, delightful local cuisine and world-beating healthcare services, according to a survey conducted by HSBC Expat.

France tops the expat league table for raising children abroad, with those surveyed citing: wellbeing, cheaper costs and ease of integration as the most pleasing factors in their move. France is also ranked number one in the world in terms of healthcare services – this statistic is especially positive when compared to the UK where the NHS is ranked a lowly 28th out of the 31 countries reviewed.

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