Expat Rental Guide: Part Five


Expat Rental Guide: Part Five

So, we’ve discussed how to prepare yourself for entering the world of rental, how to market your property, how to manage bookings and what legal stuff you need to consider. Now in the last part of our guide we’d like to offer you a few extra tips.

A few extra tips

Think about what else you can offer your clients. Can you recommend them affordable travel insurance for example? Or offer suggestions on parking at airports? How about ways to make their holiday cheaper with affordable car rentals? Or ways that they can make low cost phone calls? Perhaps you could even convince a local restaurant to offer your tenants/guests a discounted meal on their first night in your property!

Remember, welcome packs, details on cleaners, maps, information on local attractions and events all show that caring touch and can make a real difference. The customer will appreciate the extra effort, and will reward you with repeat and referred business.

The old Retail Adage states that it’s all about Location, Location, Location, but if you haven’t got the location you can still make your property seem desirable. That being said, rent should reflect quality, demand, season & competition.

A photograph will very often be the first impression someone has of your property so try and take good ones.

The internet allows for flexible, immediate, affordable advertising for your rental property. Understand the best channels to approach and learn to use it to your advantage!

Before you do anything make sure you’re legal!

Thanks for reading our rental guide, we hope you found it useful and good luck on your venture!

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