Expat News: India has less Appeal for Female Expats


Expat News: India has less Appeal for Female Expats

For years those looking to emigrate have found India a desirable overseas destination. The nation’s growing economy and varied employment opportunities have attracted thousands of business professionals looking to benefit from the demand for skilled, senior level executives.

And, as stated in a 2012 study by the Association of Executive Search Consultants; ‘Expats are eager to tap into the opportunities it has to offer, witness its rich transformation and sample a way of life often very different from their native countries.’

However, according to a recent survey, several tragic instances of violence against women in India over the last few months have significantly reduced the nation’s appeal.

2,200 expat professionals took part in the survey, and of those questioned over 70 per cent had shifted their focus from India over the last few months in favour of Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong and the Middle East – among other destinations.

Since December of last year several female expats have spoken out about their experiences in India, with some arguing that they feel safer in some parts of the nation than others.

20 year old Rubia Braun, for example, asserted: ‘I feel extremely safe in Mumbai and Bangalore. But in Delhi I am told that you have to behave in a certain way, like you shouldn’t start talking to random people. It’s harder being a woman than being a foreigner [but it could go against you] first because you are a woman and then because you are a foreigner.’

Industry estimates put the number of expat workers currently employed in industries across India at 39,000 following an 18 percent increase last year.

However, the recruitment of foreign professionals fell by 37 percent in the first quarter of this year, with the hiring of expat professionals now expected to drop by 15-20 percent over 2013.

What do you think? Have the highly publicised stories of violence against women emerging from India over the last six-months put you off living/working/travelling in the nation?

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