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No matter where you spend the holiday season, it is a joyous time for creating new traditions, sharing memories, and looking ahead to future adventures. And for expats, celebrating the holidays in a new country is without a doubt a unique and wonderful experience.

Missing your loved ones living abroad this holiday season? Keep this handy gift guide in mind to help show the expats in your life, that you are thinking of them over the holidays.

Airline Miles

Nothing compares to a reunion in person with your favorite expat. Make a trip back home that much easier and that much more attainable by purchasing airline miles to put towards a flight. Every airline’s policies differ, but most allow you to purchase either flight miles or gift certificates to use towards travel.

Skype Cards

While making Skype to Skype online calls is free, by purchasing Skype Credit, you can make calls directly to cell phones or landlines and send text messages. If a flight across the world is not an option, this has to be the next best thing.

Smug Mug Membership

Likely the best online photo sharing option, Smug Mug provides you with unlimited photo uploads, no ads or spam, the option to create your own website or photo galleries, the ability to embed your albums onto other sites and blogs, and many more benefits above and beyond your average photo sharing site. Providing a membership as a gift ensures that expats will be able to share all their adventures and travels abroad with friends and family around the world.

Favorite Places Map

From London to Dubai, Houston to Tokyo, Etsy’s Here and There Shop allows you to create a customized world map marking expat travels, homes, and adventures. A custom map serves as a beautiful reminder of every spot your expat has explored.



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