Expat Employment Opportunities in Abu Dhabi’s Police Force


Expat Employment Opportunities in Abu Dhabi’s Police Force

If you work in law enforcement then you might be interested to know that Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates and an increasingly popular destination among expatriates, is offering exciting opportunities for overseas employment.

According to a recent report, there are plans to increase the 500-strong community police division of the Abu Dhabi constabulary with a greater number of expat recruits.

The Abu Dhabi Community Police division was established in 2003 and began operating in 2005. Within five years the number of incidents they were dealing with had more than doubled and their range of responsibilities increased.

As it stands, the city’s community police division is made up of men and women of various nationalities, uniting the expat factions of Abu Dhabi under one governing body. They work full time for the Abu Dhabi Police as frontline officers and mediators between local police and the public, with support from a central community police department. While the officers control crowds, regulate traffic and participate in community awareness activities, the community police also have the power to identify, pursue and arrest suspects.

A news release from XPRESS carried this quote from Lt. Colonel Mubarak Bin Muhairom, Head of the Community Police; ‘We are planning to expand the force with more representation from expatriate communities. We already have a significant number of nationalities on our team, in addition to experienced officers internationally recruited from countries like the UK and Singapore. [...] This is an important priority for policing and it is an effective way of contributing to ensure we maintain Abu Dhabi as a safe and secure society.’

Lt. Colonel Muhairom went on to state that research has shown that community policing and international officers are essential for improving the confidence and security of the general public, as well as improving the relationship between residents and police.

In Lt. Colonel Muhairom’s view; ‘The pivotal role for community police is that they are proactive in solving problems. They don’t wait for things to happen before they respond. They will take action as soon as they know or predict that a problem or crime may happen. They will also deal with social problems [...] there are many areas of the law that they focus on. They build on trust with their communities and share information with them. [Expat] officers wear the uniform of Abu Dhabi Police and they engage with expat communities and have a good understanding of their needs.’

If you’ve got a background in policing and are excited by the prospect of taking on new challenges overseas, find out more about becoming an Abu Dhabi community police officer!

What do you think of community policing? Would you feel safer living overseas if you could interact with police officers of your own nationality?

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