England’s Expat Monarchs


England’s Expat Monarchs

As the global media turns its intense gaze on one (probably rather intimidated) baby boy, we take a look back over Monarchs from England’s past to see which of them were born in foreign nations.

So, if wondering what the future King will be called is driving you to distraction, take a break and check out our list of England’s expat Monarchs.

William I (1028 – 1087) – Born in Normandy, France

William II (1056 – 1100) – Born in Normandy, France

Stephen (1092/6 – 1154) – Born in Blois, France

Henry II (1133 – 1189) – Born in Le Mans, France

Edward II (1284 – 1327) – Born in Gwynedd, Wales (The UK wasn’t formed until the 1700’s)

Richard II (1367 – 1400) – Born in Bordeaux, France

Henry V (1386 – 1422) – Born in Monmouth, Wales

Edward IV (1442 – 1483) – Born in Rouen, France

Henry VII (1457 – 1509) – Born in Pembroke, Wales

James I (1566 – 1625) – Born in Edinburgh, Scotland

Charles I (1600 – 1649) – Born in Dunfermline, Scotland

William III (1650 – 1702) – Born in The Hague, Netherlands

George I (1660 – 1727) – Born in Hannover, Germany

George II (1683 – 1760) Born in Hannover, Germany

And of course, until the most recent generations of the Royal family, spouses of UK Monarchs were often from overseas.

For example, Henry VIII’s daughter Mary I was married to Prince Philip of Spain, while Queen Victoria’s beloved Albert was from the Saxon duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld.

Then there was Edward VIII, who controversially abdicated the throne to marry American socialite Wallis Simpson.

And of course the husband of our current monarch Queen Elizabeth (the institution that is Prince Philip) is from Greece.

Although both Prince Charles and Prince William married British women, the tradition of expat royalty may still continue.

After all, little baby Prince-currently-unnamed-Cambridge might be from the UK, but who knows where his future consort might be from…

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