Don’t be fooled into thinking…(Spain)

The sun always shines in Spain. Crime is not an issue in Spain. It’s like a holiday everyday of the week. Statements like these make Spain sound like heaven on Earth, unfortunately nowhere is perfect. Hopefully you’ve done your research if you’re planning on emigrating or moved to Spain.

The weather

It is a common misconception that there are always warm temperatures in Spain and the sun always shines. Whilst this is close to the truth it isn’t like it all the time. Spain is a large country comprising an area of 194,000 square miles. When it’s sunny in the south its fairly likely the weather will be different in the North. The summers in Spain can be unbearably hot so be prepared for the extreme heat. The misconception that Spanish Winters are always hot compared to Britain has caught many expats unawares. Modern Spanish houses are built with poor insulation and minimal of heating, what is a cool palace in the summer months can quickly turn into a very cold home in the winter. Generally Spain is warmer than Britain all year round but like any country it is susceptible to all kinds of weather.


Although crime in Spain is statically lower than that in the UK it doesn’t mean you can grow careless in your personal security. There are many stories of tourists being mugged or burgled, mostly due to them making an easy target for criminals. Like any country crime is a problem and the best way to avoid becoming a victim is to keep your wits about you and to not drop your guard. Do not avoid the obvious precautions you take for granted in the UK.

The Spanish are all friendly

Does saying hello to someone immediately make them your friend? This is a common misconception that expats often make. A language barrier exists between you and the local population, what you may consider as friendly could really be them being unkind, how would you tell the difference? The best way to successfully integrate is to learn the language. By doing so it will make your life a lot easier and the locals will be much more likely to be friendly.

The best way to avoid disappointment is to go into your move with a realistic approach. If you go into it with unrealistic expectations, you could find yourself come back to reality with an unpleasant bump.

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