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ANZ Australia

ANZ Australia

Moving to Australia or New Zealand? Bank with ANZ before you go! Why should I set up my bank account before I leave? • Transfer money into your new account before you leave home, then when you arrive simply visit any ANZ branch to complete the identification process and start transacting¹ • Pre order your […]

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  • 10 Step Guide to Emigration

    10 Step Guide to Emigration

    10 Step Guide to Emigration Emigrating isn’t something which can be done on a whim. Whether the country you intend to move to is a thousand miles away or ten thousand, transferring your life from one nation to another requires some serious planning. When faced with the reality of emigrating, the list of decisions you […]

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  • How to Repatriate

    How to Repatriate

    How to Repatriate It is a rarely discussed truth that out of all the expats heading off to start a new life overseas, many will either be forced to or choose to return. Not everybody is suited to the expat lifestyle, and no one can predict the future.  Health scares, family issues and financial problems […]

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  • The best cycle routes in the world

    The best cycle routes in the world

    The best cycle routes in the world There is no better way of exploring a place than by bicycle. Your new homeland will be filled with new and exciting places to visit; from breathtaking mountain vistas to sprawling cityscapes depending on where you decide to emigrate to you will have plenty of opportunity for adventure […]

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  • The best apps for Expats

    The best apps for Expats

    Moving abroad is always a scary prospect. You may not know the local language or the area and you may get confused about things in your new home. Technology could be your saviour. With the creation of I phones and easy access to the internet you now have the world at your fingertips. This article […]

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  • Fun facts about Greece

    Fun facts about Greece

    The Greek financial situation may be dire but Greece has endured worse situations before. It has a long history and is home to some funny and quirky things. Here are some fun facts about Greece. 1. In Greece, people celebrate the “name day” of the saint that bears their name rather than their own birthday. […]

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  • The Madness of Spanish Banks and Football

    The Madness of Spanish Banks and Football

    Spain has been in the news a lot the last few weeks with the embattled nation facing a dire financial situation. The country is once again in recession, its jobless levels are at record highs and the people are suffering at the hands of the government’s austerity measures. So just how has Spain got itself […]

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