Czech Republic gets ready for the first Expat Games


Czech Republic gets ready for the first Expat Games

Beach volleyball, Tennis, climbing, football, athletics, swimming and a whole host of other activities are set to get expats in the Czech Republic in a sweat as Prague prepares to host the first ever Expat Games.

Due to be held on the 25th of May at the Czech Agricultural University in Prague the event will see Czechs and foreign nationals compete in the name of charity. The aim of the event is set to be an excellent opportunity for expats in the country to gather together and to give the event the best multi-cultural vibe possible.

According to the event’s organisers the aim of the Expat Games is to help foreigners living in the Czech Republic become more involved in Czech society and will allow locals the opportunity to help those expats in need.

The event will also raise money for the Jedlicka Institute Foundation, a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1990 to support children and young people with physical and multiple disabilities.

As well as trying out all the activities on offer, visitors to the Expat Games can also support the Jedlicka Institute Foundation’s collection. There will be money-boxes placed at various stands in the grounds where everyone is welcome to contribute as much as they want.

At 2.30 p.m. there will be a special 400 metre race in which anyone can take part. In this competition the taking part and not the winning will be what are important as the CZK 50 entry fee will go towards the collection for the “I ride for the Jedlička Institute” project which hopes to raise enough funds for the institute to buy a bus with wheelchair access. All age groups will be able to “test their strength” and even prams and family pets will be welcome on the start line.

If your expat living in the Czech Republic make sure you don’t miss out on the Expat Games and get involved. Who knows, if this event proves to be a huge success than other nations may take up the idea.

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