Cost of living in France and the UK


Comparing the cost of living in France and the UK

France is one of the most popular destinations for UK expats, but is it a cost effective option? Here we compare the cost of living in France with the cost of living in the UK so you can see for yourself!

This cost of living comparison looks at the average price of a selection of every day goods and services.

Our table features figures compiled by Numbeo, the world’s largest user-contributing database. Figures are averages, shown here in GBP.

Remember, the cost of living will vary according to location. The more popular regions of France and the UK are likely to have a higher cost of living than the less popular locations.


Average Price in France

Average Price in UK

Basic restaurant meal



Combo meal at McDonalds



1 pint beer



Coffee (takeaway)



1 litre Milk



1 loaf bread



One-way ticket on local transport



Monthly pass on local transport



1 litre petrol



Basic monthly utilities for a flat



1 min of prepaid mobile tariff



Internet connection for 1 month



1 Cinema ticket



Monthly rent for a one bed flat  in city centre



Purchase Price per m2 for flat in City Centre



 Monthly Disposable Salary (After Tax)




Although the cost of a basic meal, McDonald’s combo meal and standard internet connection is less in the UK, the more significant living costs like basic utilities, travel and monthly rent will set you back less in France. Monthly disposable income, after tax, is also marginally higher in France. That being said, if you’re looking to buy a property it could cost you over a £1000 less per m2 to buy one in the UK.

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