Competition Winners – Top Tips for Expats!


Competition Winners – Top Tips for Expats!

At the beginning of February we launched our Top Tips for Expats competition.

We asked you to use your experiences to give us a top tip which would help other expats trying to settle into their new overseas home, and we had some great responses.

Here are snippets of some of our favourites!

Overthinking Expat commented:

‘Network quickly to avoid isolation and learn about your host culture. Seek out groups like “MeetUp” ect… to meet others. These groups create connections with fellow countrymen/women who can provide advice, link you with locals in your new country, and even introduce you to expats from other countries. It’s a win-win situation.’

Mary Mitchell De Bastos gave us an extensive answer, covering lots of common expat issues. We particularly liked this tip:

‘If you don’t want to see yourself packing up and going home within your first few weeks you need to be prepared. Answer these questions;

Why are you moving abroad?
What are your expectations?
Why is this move important to you?

The answers to these questions will be what keep you in the adventure and not cutting your dream short. You’ll be able to see it through and enjoy it. For there is so much to enjoy!!’

Read the rest of Mary’s post here

NullnFull recommended mixing with your new countrymen, stating:

‘Always ask for help/information/advice the locals. Usually they are very friendly and eager to share their knowledge. The major part of fascinating places I visited were recommended by the locals and totally unknown for guide book authors. Out of the track but equally charming. It’s also useful to speak the language of the country you are visiting, which is not always possible. Some basic vocabulary with a smile often do the trick.’

We also felt that this tip from MontgomeryFest was particularly useful:

‘Expect it to be hard. The areas that I thought we’d be fine on were just the ones that blind-sided us. If I was expecting something to be hard, it allowed me more time and patience to get used to it. That’s another one – give yourself time. Don’t push yourself too far. Your world will be different and the best way to adapt to it is to be open to it and explore it.’

But as good as these tips were we had to pick a winner, and this month the winner of our £50 prize is …(drum roll)… Naomi!

Naomi took the time to enter three top tips, but the tip which made her our winner was:

‘Make sure your moving company creates a “Open First” box that contains batteries, remotes for electronics, some must-have kitchen gadgets (measuring cup, etc.), a fav book or toy if you have young children, and a favourite family photo! This will make those first couple of days after the container arrives a bit more palatable!’

You can read Naomi’s other tips here

A massive thank you to everyone who took the time to enter, don’t worry if you weren’t this month’s winner, we’re running new competitions all the time so keep your eyes peeled!

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