Can’t get a job? Look to China

Graduates and skilled workers who are having a tough time finding employment in their homelands are increasingly looking to China for opportunities. As unemployment rates continue to rise in most European nations, many people desperate to find work have discovered that China is a good place to find employment.

Despite posting a slowdown in its economic growth, China still boasts a booming economy compared too many places around the world. Some European countries are posting youth unemployment at a staggering 50% and the young are realising that if they want to make their own future then a move abroad may be necessary. English speaking graduates are in high demand in China and finding work is a lot easier than in European countries.

Graduates especially are embracing the adventure of moving to a completely new country with many embracing the many opportunities for foreigners in the cities. Many are educated and English-speaking on a native level with many opting to go into teaching English. Other popular alternatives are modelling and advertising jobs, for everything from video games to car shows.

Another big draw for jobseekers is that the cost of living in China is a lot less than that found back in Europe. Wages paid in China are actually very high and for foreign workers often higher than what you would be paid at home. According to a recent poll carried out by NatWest International banking, 86% of British expats in China think that the high salary’s they receive in China is one of the best aspects of life there. 69% like the career advancement the country offers them, while a much lower proportion enjoys the exciting culture (48%) and the Chinese people (43 %).

China’s booming economy is enticing more foreigners every year, many of whom are looking to flee the salary freezes and high unemployment of the debt-struck West. Statistics show that China has seen an 18% increase in the number of foreign workers over the past five years. In comparison the USA and Europe have seen falls of 11%.

Most expats go to China after being sent there for work assignments, mostly international companies but the number of people moving there to work as English teachers and other jobs has risen dramatically. The demand for English speakers is huge. The most common sectors to work in after education were finance 19% technology 15% and health care 12%.

Many Expats were surprised to find that the Chinese people were very friendly despite the huge cultural differences.

Dave Isley, head of NatWest IPB, said: “The emergence of China as a world trade crusader certainly seems to have enticed British expats in search of their fortune. With a wealth of career opportunities and high salaries, China seems to be a magnet to British expats.”

The difficulties of learning the Chinese language and the sheer numbers of people living there may deter a few but if you are finding it difficult to find work in your home country and are seeking adventure then China could be the place for you.

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