Canadians Enjoy Best Quality of Life?

For the third year running, Canada was placed at the top of the list of the best places in the world for quality of living, a survey has revealed. This result was revealed as part of the NatWest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Index. Natural beauty, a cosmopolitan society, the safe environment and the ease of access to reliable healthcare services are apparently the reasons for Canada repeatedly coming out as the top destination for British expatriates. You can see the top ten countries as ordered by the survey below:

2012 NatWest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Index

1. Canada
2. New Zealand
3. Australia
4. France
5. South Africa
6. Portugal
7. Spain
8. United States of America
9. United Arab Emirates
10. Singapore

Speaking on Canada’s performance, NatWest head of International Personal Banking Dave Isley said in a statement: “The quality of life factors that contributed to its number one spot in the rankings yet again range from the culture, standard of living, sense of belonging, work/life balance, equality of opportunity to the state of the economy and financial security.”

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