Canadian capital Ottawa aiming to be the most welcoming city for expats


Canadian Capital city aiming to be the most welcoming city for expats

From the 25th to the 30th of June the city of Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is holding its first ever Welcoming Ottawa Week, an event designed to bolster the city’s reputation as a welcoming place for immigrants.

“We have long recognized the value of immigration to our city’s prosperity and vitality,” says the Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson. “The Welcoming Ottawa Week will underscore our genuine respect and hospitality to newcomers, while at the same time creating opportunities for dialogue and interactions between newcomers and established residents.”

The week sees the city host a number of fun events ranging from community sports events such as the Community Cup event due to take place on June 30th at Brewer Park, public lectures, seminars and a gathering of artists and musicians.

The Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership (OLIP) will hold forums on the 27th to coincide with Multiculturalism Day.

“As a community, we are committed to strengthening our capacity to welcome and integrate immigrants,” said Dick Stewart, Chair of the OLIP Council. “The 2013 Ottawa Immigration Forum will help us learn from the successes of other cities; and enable us to discuss ways in which we can maintain and enhance what works well.”

The events filled week concludes on the 30th of June with the Community Cup where over 2,000 guests are expected to gather to enjoy the family focused event. Sports being played include cricket, soccer and Tai Chi, activities all popular with the city’s minority and immigrant residents. The event will also boast a food bazaar and a citizenship reaffirmation event which will see over 200 Ottawa citizens renew their vows to Canada.

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