Canada tops the list for lifelong expats


Canada tops the list for lifelong expats

A good way to gauge whether a foreign country is a good place to move to is to see how many expats have chosen to stay in their new locales for the rest of their lives.

HSBC set out to find out exactly where most UK expats choose to spend their old age with its latest Expat Explorer Survey 2013.

According to the survey, Canada takes the top spot for the overseas nation where retired UK expats stay long enough to claim a pension. The report says that up to 86% of those Brits that take the plunge to move across the Atlantic stay for the long term, suggesting that Canada is a great place to go to.

In second place and unsurprisingly is Australia with 80% and in third position is the United States of America where 75% of retired UK expats claim. All three of the countries have a high number of expats who relocated to their new homelands more than ten years ago.

Despite the English speaking nations being understandably the most popular destinations to emigrate too soon to be retirees should also bear in mind that European countries often offer good retirements. According to the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index, Denmark offers the best pensions and retirement lifestyle.

The Index ranks 20 countries as follows:


Index Value




B+ 75-80 NetherlandsAustralia
B 65-75 SwitzerlandCanada




C+ 60-65 None
C 50-60 GermanyUSA





D 35-50 ChinaJapan

South Korea



E <35 none


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