Canada launches two schemes to attract expats


The Canadian government has launched two programmes to attract the thousands of immigrants needed to take up jobs in the country.

Skilled foreign workers are in huge demand in the country as businesses and industry seek to fill in gaps in the nation’s labour market. The Canadian government has also said that the schemes will be used until 2015 so any wannabe Canadians should have an even easier time of applying to live in the country.

“Securing economic growth is and will remain or governments top priority. Canada is in a global competition for the best and brightest immigrants, and this plan is crafted with attracting the people we need for Canada to succeed,” said Chris Alexander, Canada’s citizenship and immigration minister.

One of the schemes is the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Under this programme wannabe expats have to meet a language requirement and have one year’s worth of skilled work experience in Canada to be granted permanent residency status. This is an ideal route for foreign nationals who are working legally in Canada on a temporary basis and international students

The second scheme is called the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP). The PNP is used to help spread expats across the country and not just in the major cities and other popular destination.

The government is also extending its start-up visa programme which is designed to encourage entrepreneurs and investors into the country. The programme is scheduled to be deployed for five years and will grant 2,700 people per year with a visa

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