Canada Introduces New Programme to Attract Foreign Workers


Canada Introduces New Programme to Attract Foreign Workers

The Canadian unemployment rate might average at 7.2 per cent, but there is still demand for expat workers in Canada.

According to recent reports, regional and national Canadian governments are attempting to woo skilled foreign tradesmen under new, lucrative work programmes.

Last year nearly 40,000 skilled workers were granted permanent residency under existing labour programmes.

But one of these new programmes focuses on specific trades, trying to fill local labour shortages by making it easier for foreign workers to gain Canadian residency status.

This year electricians, farm supervisors, plumbers, crane operators and pipefitters are most in demand, with up to 3,000 positions expected to come available in the months ahead – despite the extensive criticism aimed at a previous employment programme focused on temporary foreign employment.

One union head recently commented: ‘It is extremely controversial in Canada because there is significant evidence that employers are using the programme to replace Canadians and undercut wages.’

But under the new skilled trade programme applications will be processed within a year, and if approved and employed, the applicant can apply for permanent residency status within as little as 18 months. All applicants must either be fluent in English or French.

Earlier this year the Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney stated that Canada was attempting to ‘build a fast and flexible immigration system that is responsive to the needs of Canada’s economy. [Employers] have long been asking for ways to get the skilled trades people they need to meet demands in many industries across the country’

Kenny also memorably stated last month: ‘We always point out to Canadians that even though there are too many unemployed Canadians, there are also too many unfilled jobs.’

So, are you a plumber? Electrician? Pipefitter? Do you fancy a new adventure? Canada might just be the place for you.

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