Brits and Germans united by Beer and other things


Brits and Germans united by Beer and other things

The Brits love their beer; (go down into any town or city centre on a Friday/Saturday night if you don’t believe me). Another people that share and possibly surpass that love for the amber nectar are, of course, the Germans. In fact despite past differences the two cultures are very similar to each other making it relatively easy for British Expats to settle into German life.

Comparing the British to the Germans is nothing new as all the way back in the 1580’s Henry Wotton, a future ambassador to Queen Elizabeth the first wrote about the similarities between the English and German languages.

It’s not really much of a surprise that the English at least are similar to their German counterparts, after all the first English the Angles and Saxons originally came from Germany. Most English words and even place names can be traced back to Germanic origins. Other similarities range from the two nations politics, food and sports.

In terms of beer, the two countries have much in common and yet so many differences. For Germans and Brits alike, there is nothing quite like a beer to stimulate social gatherings, the preferred way to celebrate academic or professional successes, and the cause of many drunken tales.

As well as the share of the love of beer a stark difference between the two cultures is in how they consume their drink. Whereas Brits often drink just to get drunk as quickly as possible, Germans often drink to simply enjoy the flavour with drunkenness seen as a rather pleasant side effect. The attitude of the two peoples is also comparable as both the British and Germans have a reputation for being rather emotionless and calm when compared to other races.

From our love of beer to our hard skins the Brits and Germans have a lot in common after all. Even the British Royal family is descended from the Germans.

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