British Graduate? Canada could be the place for you

According to an interview with the Daily Telegraph Canada is planning to entice young British graduates struggling to find work in the UK.

Canadian immigration minister Jason Kennedy is set to visit London next week as he attempts to tackle Canada’s acute labour shortages. He told the Telegraph that he wants struggling British graduates to think of Canada before Australia.

Canada is facing the grim prospect of not having enough workers as its working population gets older and is finding it difficult to fill positions in skilled areas such as engineering, welding, the videogames industry and IT.

To encourage younger foreign workers the Canadian government has unveiled plans to halve the length of time a person needs to be in skilled work in order to qualify for permanent residency. Currently an immigrant worker has to be working in the country for two years before being able to apply; from next year it will only be necessary to work one.

Mr Kenney said: “There are a lot of young Britons who are under-employed or unemployed but are highly educated.

“I think so many young Britons have, for some reason, thought of Australia before Canada as a destination for immigration, and we want to be at the front of the competition for the world’s best and brightest.”He put Australia’s enduring appeal down to “rugby and cricket, and Neighbours, and the attraction of the weather”. He suggested that Canada is a better option than Australia as the country is closer to the UK and has a strong robust economy even in these difficult times for the global economy.

Mr Kenny is however facing stiff competition from his Australian counterpart who is just as determined to win over British graduates and skilled workers. A spokesman for the Australian department of immigration and citizenship highlighted that Australia is ranked second on the human development index compared to Canada’s sixth place and stated that the country has the lowest unemployment rate for immigrants in any OECD country.

Unless the jobless situation in the UK improves we could see the rivalry between the two nations escalate as they compete for UK workers. If you’ve got a degree and are struggling to find work perhaps a look overseas is the way forward.

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