British Expats to lose UK TV in Spain


British Expats to lose UK TV in Spain

For expats living in Spain nothing reminds them or keeps them connected to the UK as the ability to watch British television in their new homeland; however the launch of a new satellite looks set to end the BBC’s presence in the country.

Expats could find themselves without the ability to tune into the BBC next after the launch of the Astra 2 E rocket is successful. The rocket which is due to launch from Kazakhstan on the 15th of September will be deploying a new satellite to replace the current one, this new one however will not be broadcasting BBC TV and radio stations.

The satellite was due to be lanched in July but was delayed by the failure of a previous rocket launch. The last rocket crashed seconds after take-off.

Mike Crompton, proprietor, MediaStreamz, told the Olive press newspaper: “So far only the BBC has made any formal statement. Alix Pryde, the Corporation’s director of communications, said the new satellite would signal the end of BBC broadcasts in Spain as it looks to focus on the quality of service transmitted to license fee payers in the UK, but the signs for other channels are not good. Be prepared to lose your free to air British TV via your satellite dish setup in the not too distant future.”

Fortunately not everyone will be affected. For expats that view British TV via IPTV, a service which provides broadcasts via a broadband connection will not be affected by the change. Expats concerned about the loss of the channels are advised to swap to the IPTV service as soon as possible.

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