British Expats enjoy the good life


British Expats enjoy the good life

According to the sixth annual Natwest quality of life study eight out of ten British expats say that they enjoy a better quality of life living abroad.

The report examines attitudes to financial status, employment and lifestyle and is carried out in conjunction with the Centre of Future Studies which surveyed 1,800 British expats. The report shows that for expats who have chosen to llive permanently abroad just over 71% said that they felt their work/life balance ranges from good to excellent and 86% said that they believe their standing of living is good.

Australia topped the expat survey, featuring those living in 12 countries, for the first time since 2010. The last two year’s number one ranked country, Canada, was placed second, followed by UAE and South Africa. New Zealand, which was ranked first in 2009, is now fifth.

“It seems life down under really is the cream of the crop according to this year’s NatWest IPB Quality of Life Index,” said Dave Isley, Head of NatWest International Personal Banking. “Continual sunshine coupled with a strong economic stability makes Australia the perfect destination for Brits to set up home. Factors such as an efficient health care system, low crime rates, a clean environment, good education, civic engagement, and a longer-than-average life expectancy also factored in the high scoring.

‘The most notable shifts in our Quality of Life results this year is the rise of the UAE as an expat destination, the once loved traditional expat communities of France, Spain and Portugal are diminishing, with quality of life drastically reducing for expats living there, making way for newcomers such as UAE and Singapore. It seems expats are willing to adjust their lifestyle in exchange for a stronger economy and better job opportunities.”

The top ten nations were:

1. Australia

2. Canada

3. UAE

4. South Africa

5. New Zealand

6. USA

7. Singapore

8. France

9. Spain

10. Portugal

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