Best Paying Jobs in Spain


Best Paying Jobs in Spain

Spain has sun, over 8000 km of beaches and a Mediterranean climate. It also offers both spectacular, varied countryside and vibrant city life.

All these factors make Spain one of the world’s most popular countries to emigrate to.

But emigrating can be expensive, so having a job which pays well can make a huge difference when you’re trying to start a new life.

In the current economic climate securing a well paid position is tricky, but not impossible. No matter how the national or global economy is faring there are always going to be certain jobs which pay more than others.

Of course, which jobs pay well is subject to demand, location, experience and sector. Remember, careers with a high pay grade in the UK may not be as well compensated in other countries, while mid-income jobs in the UK could be highly paid elsewhere!

If you’re emigrating to Spain (or even if you’re only considering a move) it might interest you to know that the top twenty-five best paying Spanish jobs are very different to the top twenty-five best paying jobs in the UK.

To see whether you could be earning more than you thought, here’s a list of the twenty-five best paid jobs in Spain, with rough average yearly salaries.

But first, a fun fact – The name Spain derives from the word Ispania, which literally means land of the rabbits!

All data sourced from Salary Explorer, Feb 2013. Conversion to GBP based on exchange rate of £1/0.86 EUR

GBP figures rounded up to nearest pound.

These salaries are national averages only, salaries will vary significantly regionally.

25. Legal Services Director (Legal) €67,500/ £58,322

24. Assistant School Principal (Teaching/Education) €68,000/ £58,736

23. Area Director (Executive and Management) €68,400/ £59,099

22. Organizational Development Manager (Human Resources) €70,000/ £60,464

21.  Business Process Consultant (IT) €70,100/ £60,568

20. Civil Engineer (Construction/Building/Installation) €70,800/ £61,155

19. Chief Executive Officer (Executive and Management) €72,000/£62,210

18. Vice President (Executive and Management) €72,996/£63,070

17. Aircraft Mechanic (Airlines/Aviation/Aerospace/Defence) €75,000/£64,802

16. Chief Operating Officer (Executive and Management) €77,500/ £66,922

15. Ramp Agents (Airlines/Aviation/Aerospace/Defence) €78,000/ £67,354

14. Planning Director (Business Planning) €80,000/ £69,122

13. Advertising Manager (Advertising/Graphic Design/Event Management) €81,000/ £69,986

12. Auditor (Quality Control) €81,000/ £69,986

11. Group Branch Manager (Banking) €84,000/ £72,535

10. Executive Director (Executive and Management) €90,000/ £77,762

9. Chief of Surgery (Health and Medical) €92,400/ £79,812

8.  Private Banker (Banking) €93,000/ £80,331

7. Biologist (Science) €99,996/ £86,373

6. Human Resources Assistant Manager (Human Resources) €104,844/ £90,588

5. Telecommunications Manager (Telecommunication) €114,332/£98,785

4. Chief Information Technology Officer (IT) €115,000/ £99,304

3. Catering Manager (Food/Hospitality/Tourism/Catering) €144,000 / £124,419

2. Marketing Advisor (Marketing) €180,000/ £155,478

1. Business Advisor (Business Planning) €300,000 / £259,131

The twenty-five best paying jobs in Spain covered quite a range of different industries, including banking and IT. Two positions from the Airline/Aviation/Aerospace/Defence sector also made it on the list.

High paying Spanish jobs which didn’t quite make the list include Paediatrician, Laboratory Manager Supervisor and Chef.

According to Salary Explorer’s list the lowest paid Spanish jobs include hairstylist, lifeguard/swimming instructor, customer service assistant and sewing machine operator.

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