Best Paying Jobs in New Zealand


Best Paying Jobs in New Zealand

Money. It may be the root of all evil but it doesn’t grow on trees, and while it can’t buy you love it sure can help you out in other areas.

Emigrating, for example, can be a costly business and having a job which pays well can make a huge difference.

In the current economic climate securing a well paid position is tricky, but not impossible. No matter how the national or global economy is faring there are always going to be certain jobs which pay more than others.

Of course, which jobs pay well is subject to demand, location, experience and sector, so careers with a high pay grade in the UK may not be as well compensated in other countries, while mid-income jobs in the UK could be highly paid elsewhere.

If you’re emigrating to New Zealand (or even if you’re only considering a move) it might interest you to know that the top twenty-five best paying Kiwi jobs are very different to the top twenty-five best paying jobs in the UK.

To see whether you could be earning more than you thought here’s a list of the best paid jobs in New Zealand, with rough average yearly salaries.

All data sourced from Salary Explorer, Feb 2013. Conversion to GBP based on exchange rate of £1/1.82 NZD.

GBP figures rounded up to nearest pound.

These salaries are national averages only, salaries will vary significantly regionally.

25. Mechanical Engineer (Engineering) 58,000 NZD/ £31,798

24. Parole Officer (Law Enforcement / Security / Fire) 60,989 NZD / £33,471

23. Dispatcher (Courier / Delivery / Transport / Drivers) 61,000 NZD / £33,565

22. Technical Consultant (Information Technology) 61,200 NZD/ £33,666

21. Dental Hygienist (Health and Medical) 63,000 NZD / £34,540

20. Process Engineer (Engineering) 65,000 NZD / £35,636

19. Marketing Manager (Marketing) 65,000 NZD/£35,636

18. Electrical Engineer (Engineering) 65,700 NZD / £36,142

17. Advisor (Human Resources) 66,000 NZD / £36,184

16. Materials Management Supervisor (Factory and Manufacturing) 67,000 NZD / £36,733

15. Production Engineering Supervisor (Factory and Manufacturing) 70,000 NZD / £38,377

14. Project Engineer (Engineering) 72,000 NZD/ £39,474

13. Foreman (Construction / Building / Installation) 75,000 NZD/ £41,119

12. Writer / Documenter (Information Technology) 79,000 NZD/ £43,312

11. Java Developer (Information Technology) 80,000 NZD/ £43,904

10. Human Resources Manager (Human Resources) 100,000 NZD/ £54,825

9. Network Engineering Manager (Information Technology) 104,000 NZD/ £57,018

8. Project Leader (Information Technology) 113,400 NZD/ £62,171

7. Risk Manager (Insurance) 129,996 NZD / £71,342

6. Aviation Manager (Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defence) 150,000 NZD/ £82,237

5. Accounting Assistant (Accounting and Finance) 336,000 NZD/£184,833

4. Secretary (Administration / Reception / Secretarial) 353,000 NZD/ £193,532

3. C# Developer (Information Technology) 415,000 NZD/ £227,523

2. Accounts Payable Clerk (Accounting and Finance) 528,000 NZD/ £289,475

1. Financial Accountant (Accounting and Finance) 585,000 NZD/ £321,051

Of the twenty-five best paying jobs in New Zealand the majority were in IT, Accounting and Finance, and engineering. Other high-paying sectors include human resources and factory/manufacturing (high level positions).

High paying New Zealand jobs which didn’t quite make the list include Commercial Real Estate Manager and Transportation/Shipping supervisor.

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