Best Paying Jobs in Canada


Best Paying Jobs in Canada

Every year over 180,000 foreigners enter Canada for work purposes. Although some of them move to Canada on a temporary basis to fill skills shortages, others fall in love with all that Canada has to offer and end up staying and working in the nation permanently.

A high quality of life, notoriously welcoming populace and expansive, varied terrain are just a few of the things Canada has to offer.

So, if you’re emigrating to Canada (or even if you’re only considering a move) it might interest you to know that the top twenty-five best paying jobs in Canada are very different to the top twenty-five best paying jobs in the UK.

To see whether you could be earning more than you thought here’s a list of the twenty-five best paid jobs in Canada, with rough average yearly salaries.

All data sourced from obtained employment and wage data for over 600 occupations. Each occupation had to be the employment of at least 10,000 individuals. The occupations listed below also ranked highly for job growth.

Conversion to GBP based on exchange rate of 1 Canadian Dollar/0.65 British Pounds. GBP figures rounded up to nearest pound.

These salaries are national averages only, salaries will vary significantly regionally.

25. Banking and Investment Manager $69,992/ £45,627

24. Physiotherapist $69,992/ £45,627

23. Construction Manager $70,179/ £45,817

22. Transport Industry Manager $70,720/ £46,170

21. Dental Hygienist $70,720/ £46,170

20. Nurse $70,990/ £46,346

19. Purchasing Manager $71,469/ £46,659

18. Sales and Marketing Manager $72,010/ £46,942

17. Police Officer $72,010/ £46,942

16. High-school Teacher $72,218/ £47,148

15. Civil Engineer $72,530/ £47,352

14. Information Systems Analyst $72,800/ £47,528

13. Telecommunications Industry Manager $73,590/£48,044

12. Nursing Supervisor $74,880/ £48,886

11. Financial Manager $75,005/ £48,967

10. Psychologist $75,546/ £49,321

9. Economist £76,565/ £49,911

8. Electrical and Electronics Engineer $76,960/ £50,169

7. Software Engineer $79,997/ £52,149

6. University Professor $79,997/ £52,149

5. Lawyer $79,997/ £52,149

4. Health Care Manager $83,200/ £54,318

3. School Principle $88,005/ £57,455

2. Petroleum Engineer $90,002/ £58,758

1. Pharmacist $93,600/ £61,016

Of the twenty-five best paying jobs in Canada the top three were all from different sectors, health/medical, engineering and education.

High paying Canadian jobs which didn’t quite make the list include chemist and chemical engineer, pilot, occupational therapist and fire fighter.

According to the data compiled by some of the worst paying jobs in Canada include: child minder, labourer and pet groomer.

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