Best Christmas lights from around the World

Best Christmas lights from around the World

By now most cities around the world will be lit up to celebrate the coming Christmas holidays but which ones have the best? The Expathub takes a look at some of the best.

New York City – USA

When Christmas comes to New York City it does so in a dazzling display of colour. During the holiday season the ‘World’s Greatest City’ becomes adorned with lights and spectacular decorations which are sure to put even the most miserly into the Christmas spirit. The best places to see the lights are the Rockefeller Centre, Central Park and Times Square. Several ice skating rings appear around the city and the world famous Rockefeller Christmas tree (pictured above). A visit Winter Garden and the Time Warner Centre with their splendid Christmas ornaments is also a must-see. To experience a truly magical Christmas you cannot go wrong with NYC.

Moscow – Russia

When the world’s biggest country gets into the Christmas spirit, it spares no expense when making its capital look spectacular. The lights and decorations of Pushkin Square are a must-see and the Christmas trees around Red Square are amazing. Don’t forget to take a photo of the Russian Santa Claus the Ded Moroz, who gives presents to the good children on New Year’s Eve. Enjoy one of the most amazing Christmas decorated cities in the world!

Berlin – Germany

The Germans know how to do Christmas; after all they were the ones that invented the modern version of it. During the holiday season Berlin becomes filled with festive character with its streets filled with Christmas markets, lights and decorations. The illuminated streets offer a warm festive feeling, so if you want to have a genuine Christmas experience then Berlin is the place to be.

Paris – France

The city of love becomes the city of Christmas cheer at this time of year. As with most French things style leads the way with Paris offering designer decorations and lights that truly make it an enchanting and romantic place to be. The astounding lights on the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel tower and other and landmarks definitely make Paris stand out from the crowd.

Beijing – China

Not usually associated with Christmas seeing as how most of the world’s most populated country isn’t Christian, Beijing offers a stunning and at times overwhelming Christmas experience. Dazzlingly beautiful light displays adorn most of the city and the plethora of lights and colours in Tiananmen Square are spell-bounding.  All the shops, malls and restaurants are under the lovely spell of Christmas and bring all the lights as bright as you can imagine. For an over the top take on Christmas Beijing is definitely worth a visit.

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