Our Currency News Authors

Richard Martin

After working in business development for a major UK currency brokers for several years, Richard left Britain to help set up the company’s Australian office and now lives and works in Sydney; making the most of his new Down-Under lifestyle.


Laura Barrett

Laura moved from the US to the UK several years ago. As a corporate sales executive for a leading foreign exchange company, Laura has expert knowledge of currency movements and market trends and is able to offer specialist guidance regarding making a trade at the most lucrative time and protecting transactions from currency risk.


Janet Cordon

Janet Cordon worked as a risk-strategist for several international corporations before becoming an independent consultant specialising in safeguarding foreign-exchange transactions from currency risk. While Janet has lived abroad she missed the British weather and now operates out of the UK.


Our Blog Authors

Chris Marshall

Chris has lived and worked in the UK, USA and Spain before settling down in Almerimar, Spain in 2003, where he spends his time time running Almerimar Life, writing on a freelance basis for a number of papers and clients blogs, broadcasting regularly on a number of radio stations and along Sands running ALStrays - a cat re-homing and transport project he set up with his wife, which also transports dogs to the UK and throughout Europe.


Rebecca Wood

Rebecca moved to Andalucia from the UK in 2007 to au pair for a local family. She loved the Spanish lifestyle so much that she went on to live in Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastián. Although Becca returned to the UK to complete her degree she has since earned a TEFL qualification and now teaches evening classes in Cadiz.


Luca Smith

After spending the summers of his childhood in Burgundy with his French grandparents, Luca moved from the US to Digoin on a permanent basis when he was seventeen. After completing his studies Luca pursued a career as a writer and now produces articles for local and national publications.


Jessica Eaves

Although Jessica is now based in the UK, she spent most of her early twenties exploring Asia and lived in Thailand, Vietnam and Japan before returning home to focus on her career. Jessie is still a globetrotter at heart and is planning to move abroad in 2015.


Tom Denver-Banks

As Tom’s father was in the RAF his family moved several times before settling in Germany when Tom was 13. Although Tom is British by birth, he considers Germany his home and has no plans to leave the nation. Tom currently works as a translator in a law firm but enjoys writing blog posts for various expat and travel websites in his spare time.



We have also been lucky to feature one-off contributions from a number of expats around the world on the Expat Hub, you can find them all listed below:

  • Alena Hadley
  • Ali Meehan
  • Amy Jones
  • Bridget Smart
  • Darryl and Pennie Payne
  • Gabriel Hershman
  • James Cave
  • Janine Marsh
  • Jasmine Murphy
  • Jennifer Avventura
  • Jessica Galbraith
  • Katherine Hackett
  • Lisa Spinelli-White
  • Molly Sears-Piccavey
  • Pleun Brevet
  • Pristine Remolona
  • Rachel Farndon
  • Rachel McClary
  • Rebecca Hall
  • Rick and Colleen Ray
  • Roz Russell
  • Sandra Bornstein
  • Sharlene Moulton