Australian Money

If you’re thinking of emigrating to Australia you will have to know what type of currency the country uses. In the case of Australia the country uses the Australian Dollar also nicknamed the Aussie. The Aussie is in the top ten of the world’s most traded currencies behind the US Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen and Euro. Before you emigrate it is a good idea to seek advice from a trusted currency broker, a good one to use is

The main banks

Australia has four major banks and the vast majority of the Aussie population use one of the four. The banks are, Commonwealth bank, National Australia bank, Westpac and Australia and New Zealand Banking group.

Cost of living

Imported and manufactured goods are often far more expensive in Australia then they would be back in the United Kingdom due to the vast distances  the goods have to travel to reach the country. Travel can be costly too especially if you have to travel long distances, (Australia is a huge place) although on the bright side, petrol is a lot cheaper in Oz compared with Europe.

Food prices are comparable to those found in the United States and tend to be up to 25% cheaper compared with the prices in the UK and Europe. A useful guide for checking the price of food in Australia’s major cities is published every month in the British newspaper called ‘Australian outlook’.

Property prices in Australia are relatively high but detached houses with large gardens, balconies, swimming pools and built-in ‘barbies’ more than make up for the expenditure. The quality of life is very high and as such many expats decide to make the switch. A free property guide is published yearly by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and is a useful guide on finding property in your price range.

Average house prices in October 2011:

City: Avg. House Price in AUD Avg. House Price in Sterling
Sydney $457,000 £296,982
Melbourne $425,500 £276,512
Brisbane $360,000 £233,901
Adelaide $315,000 £204,663
Perth $390,000 £253,393


Like in most developed nations the major credit companies are accepted. The main cards used in Australia are VISA, MasterCard, and Australia’s very own Bankcard. You can use your bank and credit cards at ATMs in every major city. The big four banks’ ATM networks are: Autobank (Commonwealth), Flexiteller (National), Handybank (WBC) and Night & Day (ANZ). Some networks are linked so that you can use your cash (and debit and credit) cards in ATMs belonging to different banks, giving you access to thousands of cash machines.