Australia simplifies short-stay Visas for specialist workers

immigration_visaIf you fancy some short-term work in the land down under now is the time to go for it as the Australian government has launched a new short-stay visa for highly specialised workers.

The streamlining of the short-term Visa application process will also be welcome news for business visitors, foreign workers and of course the millions of tourists that visit the nation every year. Short term visitors have often complained about the confusing number of differing visa sub classes that they need to navigate to gain entry to the country, the proposed streamlining will make the process a lot less stressful.

The proposals come after the Australian immigration department vowed to cut the large number of visa sub-classes. Brendan O’Connor, minister for immigration and citizenship, said: “The Gillard government is determined to cut red tape and make it easier for visitors to understand which visa they need for a short stay visit or work visa.”

For highly specialised and skilled workers the new short-stay visa is due to be created. Falling under that eligible category are professional athletes, entertainers and other highly skilled individuals who have been invited to the country to take part in events. The new visa however doesn’t affect the existing 457 programme for temporary skilled workers, which has been the bedrock of expanding Australia’s workforce in recent years. The visas have recently come under fire from labour unions that are worried that too many skilled workers are flooding into the country at the expense of long-term training programmes for Australian citizens.

The most in demand workers are currently IT specialists with other nations such as Germany, and the USA both tweaking their own immigration policies to encourage new workers to replace their ageing work forces. Next month the USA will be launching its new H-1B Visa to attract new IT workers.

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