Applying for Residency in Singapore


Applying for Residency in Singapore

Before we look at how you can apply for residency in Singapore we’ll first take a look at the different forms of pass you can acquire for entry to the nation.

In recent years an influx of non-national residents has led to Singapore adopting tighter immigration rules. If you hope to enter the country to live, work or learn you’ll need to have the right paperwork organised!

Short-term visa

If you’re only intending to enter Singapore for a quick visit you can apply for a short-term visa at the nation’s border.

To qualify for this you must be able to produce:

A valid passport.

Proof that you can finance your stay.

Proof that you have arranged transportation for leaving Singapore.

A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate (Although this does depend on which country you’re travelling from).

A completed disembarkation/embarkation pass.

However, although a short-term visa will allow you to enter Singapore, if you want to work in the nation you’ll need to procure a ‘working pass’.

Work Pass

The kind of work pass you’ll need to apply for varies depending on the sector you will be working in and the wage you will command.

Workers earning roughly 1,800 Singapore Dollars a month may apply for the S Pass. In order to be eligible for this pass they must have relevant skills, experience, qualifications and employment.

Expats who have secured a position which will pay them a minimum of 2,500 Singapore Dollars a month typically apply for either the P or Q employment pass.

The majority of Expats moving to Singapore for skilled work apply for the Employment Pass (EP). In order to be eligible for this kind of pass you must have relevant, degree level qualifications and have secured a position with a monthly wage of at least 3,000 Singapore Dollars a month.

Singapore Permanent Resident

If you wish to become an SPR (Singapore Permanent Resident) you must obtain an Entry Permit.

Foreigners hoping to apply for an entry permit must meet one of the following criteria:

They hold a P, Q or S work pass and work in Singapore.

They are the spouse and/or children of a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident.

They are the elderly parents of a Singapore Citizen.

They are an investor/entrepreneur.

Generally applications require the filling out of Form 4A.

You must have both the original copy of the form and a photocopy.

The application and supporting documentation must be submitted to the Permanent Resident Service Centre – an appointment must be made for application submissions.

Supporting documentation generally includes:

Valid travel documents of all applicants. Photocopies of passport pages showing their personal particulars, official descriptions and Singapore immigration endorsements are required.

Identity card (if applicable).

Work pass.

Educational certificates, transcripts, Professional license/membership certificates and vocational trade certificates. For graduates, 2 photocopies of degree/diploma are required.

Official marriage certificate.

Birth certificate, official household census list or family register.

Testimonials from previous employer stating the nature and duration of employment and also the last drawn basic salary.

Payslips for the last 6 months.

Income Tax Notices of Assessment for the last 3 years. (Alternatively, you may complete Appendix -1 (PR-PTS) of the residency application form, giving the ICA consent to obtain and verify financial information provided in respect of the application with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore directly.

Valid Business Registration Certificate (if self-employed) with names of partners shown.

Spouse’s educational certificates, birth certificate and identity card.

Official birth certificates of children showing both parents’ names and the child’s name (adoption papers if applicable).

Death certificate or divorce certificate and the custody papers for the children in respect of applicant’s/spouse’s previous marriages (if applicable).

If the foreigner meets certain guidelines and wishes to apply for in-principle permanent residence approval they can submit their application to SMC Management Consultants Pte Ltd in Singapore.

The process of applying for residency can be complex and may feel a little overwhelming. If you aren’t sure where to start ring or visit your nearest Singapore embassy and talk through the steps you need to take. Alternately, sign up for some expat forums and talk to people who’ve gone through the same procedure – they’ll be able to offer you invaluable support and advice.

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