ANZ Australia

Moving to Australia or New Zealand?
Bank with ANZ before you go!

Why should I set up my bank account before I leave?

• Transfer money into your new account before you arrive
• Pre order your debit card so it will be ready when you arrive
• Provide your employer with your account details for payroll purposes
• Take advantage of special offers on exchange rates²

Why ANZ?

ANZ is one of the largest banks in Australia and New Zealand and makes banking more convenient for you. With access to internet banking and 24/7 customer service†, there is always someone to answer your questions. ANZ’s extensive network also includes :

Australia New Zealand
Cash points (ATMs) 2700 700
Branches 800 300

Opening an account with ANZ online gives you the flexibility to open a transaction account for your day to day banking and a savings account to maximise the interest you can earn. Once you arrive in Australia or New Zealand you may be eligible to take advantage of ANZ’s dedicated International Banking Branches and new migrant credit policies to help you apply for a credit card or even a mortgage to buy a house.

How do I apply?

Applying for an Australian account is simple and takes just 5 – 10 minutes online.

For more information call our London Office on  +44 203 229 2436. (9am-5pm GMT)

New Zealand:

Applying for a New Zealand account, please call our London office for more details on +44 203 229 2436. (9am-5pm GMT)

Why give yourself extra hassle? Apply today.

This advertisement relates only to applications to open accounts at branches of ANZ in Australia and New Zealand.   Advice does not take into account your personal needs and financial circumstances and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you. ANZ recommends that you read the Product Disclosure Statements or offer documents for the relevant products, available by calling 13 13 14 (in Australia) or visiting, before deciding to acquire or hold the product. ANZ is authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by The Financial Services Authority but ANZ does not offer personal
accounts or accept retail deposits at its branch in the UK. †Temporary service interruptions may occur. Technical requirements apply. 1. Accounts must be activated in an Australian ANZ Branch with your passport and flight’s boarding pass within six weeks of arrival to Australia. Further documentation, including proof of Australian address and contact details, is required beyond six weeks.2. From time to time ANZ may provide special offers on exchange rates for international funds transfers.

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