An Expat Embracing an Old Friend


An Expat Embracing an Old Friend

No matter how long you’ve been living in a foreign land, there are times when you get pangs of home sickness, moments where you long for a connection to home.

I’ve recently re-forged a particularly comforting connection to the UK – listening to British radio.

I started listening to the radio again (specifically BBC Radio 4 in the morning and BBC Radio 2 throughout the day) a couple of months ago when I was driving in the UK, and continued tuning in to these old friends on my return to Spain.

I dabbled with BBC Radio 1 but it made me feel old, I didn’t know any of the bands, and the presenters all seemed to be operating under the annoying misconception (that’s all the rage these days) of thinking that saying something loudly and in an excitable voice makes it interesting. Trust me, it doesn’t!

BBC Radio 4, on the other hand, is such a pleasant change from the repetitive sensationalism of totally meaningless and bland ‘news’ from the likes of Sky. Succinct, balanced, informed, no waffle and absolutely no hype. A great way to start the day!

And BBC Radio 2? Well that really has been like getting back in touch with old friends after a long time apart. Having, at various stages of my life, listened to breakfast shows presented by Chris Evans, Steve Wright and Simon Mayo, it’s great to hear them all again in my overseas home. It feels like we have aged together, gone our separate ways, but ended up in the same place at a later stage of life. The fact that Simon Mayo is still doing his True Confessions slot is amazing, and reassuringly familiar!

Now, new trends are all very well and good. Change is necessary. But the comfort and familiarity of old friends is priceless.

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Chris Marshall
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Chris has lived and worked in the UK, USA and Spain before settling down in Almerimar, Spain in 2003, where he spends his time time running Almerimar Life, writing on a freelance basis for a number of papers and clients blogs, broadcasting regularly on a number of radio stations and along Sands running ALStrays - a cat re-homing and transport project he set up with his wife, which also transports dogs to the UK and throughout Europe