American culture

Globally the United States has had the biggest impact of any nation in history with American ideas and influences spreading to all corners of the Earth. Just try and find a place where they haven’t heard of Coca Cola or Hollywood movies!

The United States is a culture primarily dominated by Western European ideas but it also has mixture of Native American, African, Asian and Latino influences. American culture is comprised of both liberal and conservative elements with religion playing an important role in central and southern states. Native American and other ethnic cultures have heavily influenced the nations evolution making the USA one of the most mixed and varied places anywhere in the world.

The USA has dominated the world’s culture throughout the 20th and 21st centuries and it was American who first landed a man on the moon. Scientific advancements and its massive global media presence have brought a taste of the USA to all corners of the planet.

National public holidays

New Year’s Day – January 1st.

Martin Luther King JR day – third Monday in January.

This bank holiday commemorates the birthday of famed equal rights activist Martin Luther King.

Washington’s birthday – third Monday in February.

Celebration of the USA’s first president and war hero George Washington.

Memorial Day – Last Monday in May.

Honours the nations war dead from the civil war onwards.

Independence Day – July 4th.

Celebrates the day when the declaration of independence was signed.

Labour Day – First Monday in September.

Celebrates the achievements of workers and marks the unofficial end of summer.

Columbus Day – Second Monday in October.

Honours the discoverer of the Americas Christopher Columbus

Veterans Day – November 11th

A day honouring all of the veterans of the United States armed forces, similar to Europe’s Armistice Day.