All Work and No Play… Explore Singapore

Moving abroad can be super stressful. There are new homes to organise, new landscapes to navigate, new jobs to find and new friends to make. But it’s important to take some time to explore and enjoy your surroundings. Treat yourself to a few hours away from expat issues and visit some of the top attractions near you.

Today’s destination is… Singapore.


Singapore Zoo:

An absolute must for all expats living in Singapore is a visit to their famous zoo. It rightly ranks as one of the best zoos in the world, with a huge number of animal exhibits and free shows. You can have an African Adventure in the Cheetah Hut, frolic in the Fragile Forest, observe the elephants of Asia and abandon the kids in the Rainforest Kidzworld Petting Corner. You can even have breakfast with an orang-utan. The zoo has enough attractions to keep you occupied for the whole day and beyond. The zoo also operates a Night Safari. The experience of travelling through eight geographical locations while getting up close and personal with a vast array of rare nocturnal animals is not to be missed! Basic admission is S$32.00 (or £16.26) for adults and S$21.00 (or £10.67) for children. After weeks of worries a visit to Singapore Zoo will remind you why you wanted to move there in the first place.

Orchard Road:

Okay, so this is actually more of a giant retail complex then an attraction, but it really is the hub of Singapore. The 2.2 kilometre street is jam packed with high class shopping centres like the Plaza Singapura and Orchard Towers. You can shop til you drop, refuel in one of the seriously numerous national and international restaurants, and then dance til you drop again in the busy nightclubs. If such frantic activity just isn’t your thing then Orchard Road is the perfect place to sit, meet people and get a taste of the local scene.


Sentosa is an unbelievable island resort just 15 minutes away from the city centre. With beautiful beaches, sea sports galore, and amazing attractions Sentosa really is Singapore’s playground.

Every interest is catered for. For the nature lover there are flora and fauna tours, walking trails and the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom. A ride on the Skyline Luge will appease the adventure hungry while an afternoon lounging on Siloso Beach will suit the sedentary. And the 50 plus restaurants will feed the hungry!

Mere moments away from Sentosa there are also shopping centres, a multi-concept entertainment hub and Rider Offers which make getting around a breeze. Sentosa is a hugely popular tourist destination, so it can be quite manic but you really can’t say you live in Singapore until you’ve been.

Tour operators are on hand across the island to help you get the most from your visit, and some online research can insure you get the best possible deal!

Remember, these are just some of the incredible experiences your new home has to offer so get out and about whenever you can and get more from Singapore!

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