90,000 British Expats abandon Spain as Euro crisis continues to impact


90,000 British Expats abandon Spain as Euro crisis continues to impact

A new report released by the National Institute of Statistics showed that the number of expats living in Spain and other Mediterranean nations has declined as a result of high unemployment and an ongoing property crash.

The report also shows that up to 90,000 British expats registered with local Spanish councils went home last year as they sought to escape the impacts of the Euro crisis which has ravaged the country. The councils recorded a sharp decline in the number of Brits with some recording falls of 23%.

It’s not just Brits that are leaving the southern European countries as the report shows that the number of registered Germans and French declined by 23.6% and 12.7% respectively. The only nationality increasing their presence in Spain was oddly the Chinese.

A separate survey by the University of Leicester showed that Brits who moved from northern Europe to the south saw their levels of happiness fall. Spain saw the sharpest fall in happiness.

“Many people no longer wish to stay in Spain because of the never-ending fight to legalise their properties. There is a wider trend of Britons leaving. People who retired out here in their 50’s and 60’s have seen their circumstances change. Advancing age, losing a partner, and the rise in the cost of living make life here less attractive,” said Maura Hillen the chairman of AUAN, a pressure group which campaigns for the rights of Brits caught up in Spain’s property scandal.

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