5 Common Stereotypes faced by Canadian Expats


5 Common Stereotypes faced by Canadian Expats

We recently provided Lost in the Pond with a guest post entitled 5 of the Most Common Stereotypes faced by British Expats and it proved very popular with our readers. In fact so many people enjoyed reading about how the British don’t actually have;

1) Bad teeth

2) The emotional complexity of a Vulcan

3) Prince Harry on speed dial

4) A propensity to say ‘tally ho!’

that we’ve decided to write a series looking at the stereotypes expats from other nations have to face.

Today we’re exploring the most common stereotypes applied to Canadian expats!

1)      Canadians constantly live in Arctic temperatures, making them equipped to deal with all levels of cold

This may surprise some people, but it doesn’t actually snow in Canada for most of the year. And Canadian’s don’t ride to work on polar bears or live in igloos (sorry to shatter the dream). On average winter lasts about four months – the same as in a lot of other western nations, and in summer temperatures in some areas often reach over 20 degrees Celsius.

2)      Canadian’s are always polite

While impeccable manners are hardly the worst thing a nation can be known for, being constantly portrayed as a nation of apologetic bumblers must get irritating. And saying all Canadians are polite is like saying all New Yorkers are rude, while some might fit the stereotype there are just as many who turn it on its head. For example, Keanu Reeves grew up in Canada, but did that make him act politely in the Matrix? Hell no, he kicked ass.

3) Every sentence ends with ‘eh’

‘Eh’ is certainly a uniquely Canadian way of ending a sentence/question,  but it’s used in common conversation no more than its American variant ‘huh’, its UK equivalent ‘yeah’ or that Scottish classic ‘aye’. So really, there isn’t any reason to ridicule Canadians for this word eh?

4) Canadians are obsessed with Hockey

Most Canadian’s like hockey, some may even love it, but it certainly isn’t Canada’s only major sport. In fact, it isn’t even the national sport. That honour goes to lacrosse (hugely popular in Canada). Other commonly played sports include basketball, football (of the American and European varieties) and curling. While Canada is definitely an active nation, not every Canadian spends their childhood with skates on their feet, a hockey jersey on their back and their front teeth on the floor.

5) Canadian’s have maple syrup with everything

If I were Canadian I’d work on making this stereotype a reality. After all, there isn’t much maple syrup can’t make tastier. And you know full well that if the British were the world’s main maple syrup producers they’d be having it in their tea by now.

So next time you meet a Canadian don’t automatically view them as an overly polite, hockey playing, maple syrup swigging penguin eh?

Take the time to get to know them and appreciate the fact that stereotypes aren’t known for being accurate!

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