10 Essential Spanish Phrases Every Expat Should Know


10 Essential Spanish Phrases Every Expat Should Know

When moving overseas learning the language of your host nation really is worth the effort.

As well as vastly increasing your employment prospects and enhancing your social life, making a bit of effort will make locals consider you more kindly!

Spanish is the world’s most widely spoken language, crossing countries and continents, and it’s also one of the world’s most rapidly growing languages so it’s a particularly useful one to learn.

Many different Spanish dialects are spoken across Spain, but Castilian Spanish is the most common so if you learn it the odds are that you’ll be able to make yourself understood.

Yes, languages do take some time to learn, and you won’t be able to call yourself bilingual unless you’re willing to put in a lot of time and effort. However, even if the odds of you becoming fluent before you move to your new home are slim you should still make the effort to learn these essential Spanish words and phrases.

Hello – ¡Hola

Goodbye – Adiós

Yes – Sí

No – No

Please – ¡Por favour!

Thank you – Gracias

My name is… – Mi nombre es (formal) Me Ilamo (informal)

Nice to meet you – Mucho gusto

How are you? – ¿Cómo estás?

 Do you speak English? – ¿Hablas ingles? 

If you feel like you’ve got a handle on those terms you may want to start learning these other basic Spanish words and phrases…

Good Morning – Buenos dias

Maybe –  Tal vez

Where is? – Donde es?

Where is the? – ¿dónde está la?

How much is this? –  ¿Cuánto cuesta esto…?

I don’t understand – No entiendo

Could you repeat that please? – ¿Podría repetirlo, por favor? 

Car – Coche

Train – Tren

Plane – Plano

Train Station – Estación de tren

Airport – Aeropuerto

Left – Izquierdo/a

Right – Derecho/a

Bread – Pan

Beer – Cerveza

Wine – Vino

Juice – Jugo

Waiter – Camarero

Waitress – Camarera

Hell, why not plough on and learn some Spanish numbers!

One – Uno

Two – Dos

Three – Tres

Four – Cuatro

Five – Cinco

Six – Seis

Seven – Siete

Eight – Ocho

Nine – Nueve

Ten – Diez

As we’ve already mentioned, different regions of Spain often speak different Spanish dialects, so do a little research on the area you’re moving to before you get started!

For extensive information about moving to and living in Spain check out our Country guide for Spain.

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